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Destination: Vancouver, B.C
A primary attraction of Vancouver is Granville Island; located just under the Granville Bridge, across from downtown Vancouver. French Creek Marina is located next to Granville Island making this attraction within easy walking distance. Granville Island is dotted with an array of arts-and-crafts studios and galleries dedicated to local and regional work. Kids adore the Kids Market. Here, independent sellers of atypical toys, books, games, clothing, candy and adventure offer a refreshing alternative to the usual.

The Maritime Market clusters together retailers who specialize in ocean related items, including kayaks, boat rentals, marine souvenirs and of course, seafood.
Browse the charming shops of the Net Loft, where retailers seem to offer everything: exotic stationary, beads of every shape and size, funky hats, First Nations gifts, books and locally-made fashions.

The historic district of Gastown is Vancouver's oldest neighborhoods. Still as colorful as ever, it is a favorite destination of tourists. A daytime stroll down Gastown's cobblestone streets reveals artist studios, designers' shops, First Nations' galleries and antique stores in refurbished heritage buildings. Gastown is also home to the world's first steam-powered clock, now one of the city's most photographed attractions